Blood Evils Android Version Release

Blood Evils PvP Android Version On Google Play has been released! Download Now on Google Play:  

Donmo New Fashions2

Blood Evils 2 (MMO) will be coming October

  Hi,EveryBody: Big New,Blood Evils2 will be coming on October 2013! Super Real MMO Game! Follow Blood Evils1 Story,Conlia become a new super hero,you can choose different role between Donmo or Conlia,Even more Surprised! Trade System; Auction System; Collection System; […]

Blood Evils PVP Online

Blood Evils – PVP Online Released

Blood Evils PVP Online Version has been released. Ver.1.0.3 Released 04/08/2013 Ver.1.0.0 Released 27/07/2013 Download iTunes: What’s New? Blood Blade is appear on Blood Evils 1 Final Weapon. After 30lvl PVP with global friends. Chat System Everywhere with your friends; […]

Show Pic Skill

1.1.3 Version Released

What’s new? 1.Fix IAP Purchased bug; 2.Improve Terrain; 3.Improve Loading, Run more speedily ; 4.Improve Tips of all game; 5.Improve Mirrors;   1.1.3 free download:

2013-04-22 21.25.39

1.1.2 Released

what’s new? 1.Add Free Gift Box; 2.Add Korean & Japanese located Support; 3.Improve UI 4.Improve Code Fix Bug;   Now Version:1.1.2  

2013-04-27 22.36.59

“Hero Dungeons” has been released on Version1.1

Blood Evils 1.1 has been released on App Store! Free Download now What’s New? Amazing Content added! 1.Add 2″Hero Dungeons” modes 2.Add New Weapons”Frozen Blades&Blazing Daggers” 3.Add New Armors”Darkness” 4.Add New Leaderboard”Honor of Hero Dungeons” 5.Add New Fashion Style”Colorful Updo” […]

Evils of Fisher

1.0.6 Released

what’s new? 1.add camera find Exits function when you defeat boss! 2.improve camera 3.improve combos 4.fix bug

Donmo equip Knight Armors

Ver.1.0.5 has been released

  What’s new 1.Add Combos; 2.Add Perfect Kill; 3.Add Armors Upgrade Effects; 4.Improve Model; 5.Improve Scene; 6.Improve Value; 7.Improve Camera; 8.Fix Bug; Itunes Download Now

Boss 3 skill effects


Blood Evils now provides Reset button in game setting ! If a bug occur where you character wouldn’t be able to move, now you can press the Reset button to reset your game! All game data will be automatically saved!


Upgrade potion space

Default potions space is 3! As your character reaches Level 10, you can upgrade your potion space from 3 to 4! As your character reaches Level 20, you can upgrade your potion space from 4 to 5! All action is […]